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Born in 1969, Stockholm

Eva Kerek moves in her very own world of images. Here we encounter everyday objects, but not as we usually see them, they are twisted and turned. We often look into Eva Kerek’s room from above, but see the people and the furniture that populate her images from the side. The perspective is displaced and distorted, and suddenly the simple, everyday room becomes something very different. After getting her education at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design with a degree in fine arts, Eva Kerek worked as a painter, but also focused especially on graphics. She has worked with virtually all graphic techniques and has received several awards in the genre. In 2008 she was awarded a scholarship by the building contractor  

Sven-Harry art and housing foundation.  Source: Ed Art

Painting is like being out in the universe and not knowing where you will end up. 

To paint is to me like writing a story, there are no words for me to describe it. The brushstrokes get to live their own lives. They are there as imprints. Sometimes I let the paint lay underneath so that it becomes unclear and sometimes in front - to make it clearer the brushstrokes of paint are like letters in a book. They can be seen as notes and scribblings of memories. I twist and I turn the painting as I work. 

Sometimes I am – within the painting and sometimes – I am outside of it.

Stockholm 2001.04.09 

Eva Kerek













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